Maunsell V "Schools" class 4-4-0

The first batch of ten, 900-909, were completed at Eastleigh in 1930 and although intended for the eastern section the early locomotives were temporarily assigned to Nine Elms for testing on Waterloo to Salisbury and Bournemouth services. Remarkably no adjustments were found to be necessary during this testing and the qualities of the new design were rapidly becoming apparent. A batch of twenty 910-929 was built at Eastleigh between 1932 and 1934 and then a final ten 930-939 between 1934 and 1935, again at Eastleigh. In the batch of twenty the naming strayed from Public Schools within the Southern sphere but it firmly returned for the final ten.

As with all Maunsell passenger locos the whole class eventually gained smoke deflectors and being primarily an eastern section engine they mostly ran with six wheeled tenders, although in later life two (30912 and 30921) ran with Lord Nelson pattern bogie tenders on the western section. A number of the class were fitted with lemaitre multiple jet blastpipes and chimneys by Bulleid though these had little effect on the already excellent properties. In early BR days they gained mixed-traffic lined black livery which given their distinguished service was not a popular decision. They gained the passenger Brunswick green livery for their later BR days.

Nº30923 Bradfield at Stewarts Lane MPD on 31st May 1961.

photograph: Mike Morant Collection

30912 A rather grubby looking Nº30912 Downside photographed at Basingstoke MPD on 2nd September 1961.

photograph: Mike Morant Collection

Another unusual shot. Nº30934 St Lawrence stripped down in Eastleigh works.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

30937 Nº30937 Epsom photographed at Ramsgate station during 1961. The train in the other platform would appear to be a then fairly new 4 Cep unit.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

Nº30921 Shrewsbury in pristine condition BR black, at Bournemouth.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

30926 Nº30926 Repton at Ashford on 25th February 1962 whilst on the LCGB "The Kentish Venturer Rail Tour" duty.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

Nº30928 Stowe at Chichester on 12th April 1962 with the Brighton - Plymouth service.

photograph by Trevor Tupper

30927 Nº30927 Clifton in green at the London end of the Tonbridge Down platform, date unknown.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

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