Drummond T9 "Greyhound" class 4-4-0

The first twenty engines, to be numbered 113 to 122 and 280 to 289 were built at Nine Elms between June 1899 and February 1900. These had ordinary fireboxes. Simultaneously Dubs & Co built thirty engines numbered 702 to 719 and 721 to 732 with cross water tubes in their fireboxes. This arrangement increased the heating surface and became the standard for all future Drummond passenger engines. Engine 720 was built as an experimental 4-2-2-0. A further fifteen engines were built at Nine Elms between December 1900 and October 1901. This batch were identifiable by having wider cabs and splashers which enclosed the throw of the coupling rods - the earlier batches having separate "outboard" splashers for the rods. Although the class is most associated with tenders of the Drummond "watercart" pattern the first two batches were originally supplied with six wheeled tenders before being paired with a watercart and subsequently after grouping a number of engines re-gained six wheeled tenders for working on the central section.
Nº30313 photographed in ex-works condition and without a crest on the tender at Eastleigh, June 1949.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

30706 Nº30719 on shed at Salisbury MPD, 26th June 1950. Not the lack of tender markings!

photograph: Dr. Ian C. Allan/Mike Morant collection

Nº30287 also on shed. Note the "water cart" tender, easily recogniseable by the eight wheels with inside bearings when compared with the six wheels and outside bearings of the tender in the photograph of Nº30282 below.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

120 Nº30120 alongside 'Brighton Atlantic' Nº32421 "South Foreland". Location unknown.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

Nº30114 is being turned in BR days.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

30282 Nº30282 on shed at Bournemouth during BR days. The class spent most of its twilight years working the Withered Arm and secondary traffic in Hampshire.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

30726 at Exeter St. Davids during August 1958 on a train facing towards Cowley Bridge Junction.

photograph by Mike Morant


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