BR Standard Class 4 4-6-0

Another survivor was Nº75027 which was bought by a member of the Bluebell Railway and restored at Sheffield Park. Never a Southern engine, Nº75027 was, however, a Templecombe engine between April 1960 and November 1962 and, therefore, a regular performer on the Somerset & Dorset line.
Nº75027 pilots Standard 9F Nº92240 in a re-creation of the "Pines Express" during one of the Bluebell Railway's "Pines Express Weekends".

photograph by Tony Pearce

75027 Nº75027 working a goods train on the Bluebell.

photograph by Tony Pearce

Nº75027 in the Pump House siding at Sheffield Park on 21st July 2001.

photograph by Colin Duff


Technical Details

Driving Wheel:
Bogie Wheel:
Water Capacity:
Boiler Pressure:
Tractive Effort:
Coal Capacity:
Power Classification:
Route Availability:


May 1951
5 ft 8 ins
3 ft
50 ft
Loco: 69 tons
Tender: 43 tons 3 cwt
3,500 gals
18 in x 28 in
225 lb sq in
25,100 lb
6 tons
4 (With 5,000 gal tender: 7)
Locomotives built at Swindon.

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