Adams O2 class 0-4-4T

An Island O2 lives on at the Isle of Wight Steam Railway, presently operating between Smallbrook Junction and Wootton, although looking like their mainland cousins!
Calborne The IoWSR can really project the original atmosphere of the railway on the island with its well restored collection of locomotives and carriages.

Note that in this picture Calbourne has been re-built with the mainland-size bunker!

photograph by Jonathan Hall

W24 is seen here still earning its living in 2000 at Wootton on the Isle of Wight.

photograph by Jonathan Hall

Calborne Adams O2 class Nº24 Calborne at Havenstreet on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway.

Note the extended bunker (compare with the photos above) that increased the loco's range between coaling.

photograph by Mike Gale Jr.

Interior of the cab of "Calborne".

photograph by Mike Gale Jr.


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