Maunsell N class 2-6-0

The N class was a reliable locomotive used throughout the SR network over a wide range of duties from semi fast passenger duties to pick-up goods. Their high capacity boilers, small coupled wheels, and free steaming characteristics delivered considerable traffic effort that was much in evidence when the class excelled itself hauling heavy loads during World War Two. The class migrated from the SR Eastern section to work additionally on the Central and Western sections, and in their latter BR(S) days continued to excel on passenger and goods duties in the West Country. Withdrawals were between 1962 to 1966.

Nº31833 at Three Bridges. Behind is Q Class Nº30549.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Drawings of the N class are in "Southern Locomotives to Scale" by Ian Beattie, pub. D. Bradford Barton, ISBN 0 85153 389 2, but these are not accurately to 4mm scale (1/76), and the March 1996 edition of Railway Modeller page 119 which are more accurate. Weight diagrams are available in "Maunsell Locomotives" by Brian Haresnape , ISBN 0 7110 0734 8 and "A Pictorial Record of Southern Locomotives" by JH Russell Published by BCA/OPC (no ISBN given). These drawings are near enough to scale. No detailing is shown however.

31405 N Class Nº31405 shunting in the snow at Redhill shed in 1964.

photograph by Keith Harwood

N class Nº31869, photographed at Eastleigh on 23 August 1964.

photograph by Ray Soper

Close relatives of the N class were the 3 cylinder version N1 class, the ill-fated K class 2-6-4T "River" tanks (which were contemporaries of the N), and the U and U1 classes.
31410 N class Nº31410 arrives at Oxted with a heavy business train from London.

photograph by Keith Harwood

N class Nº31832 at Three Bridges, with H Class Nº31005 alongside.

photograph by Keith Harwood

31816 N Class Nº31816 approaches Chilworth and Albury on a Redhill - Reading train on 28th December 1964.

photograph by Keith Harwood


N class Nº31863 passing Gomshall and heading towards Guildford.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Nº31816 again, this time photographed at Poole, bearing headlamps rather than discs, on a stopping service from Bournemouth to Weymouth.

photograph by Keith harwood


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