Drummond M7 class 0-4-4T

30053 30053 arrives at Tunbridge Wells West with Maunsell push pull set 600.

photograph by Keith Harwood

When first introduced several of the class were allocated to work express passenger services between Exeter and Plymouth but they were withdrawn from this duty after a major derailment at Tavistock. However the class became synonymous with local main line and branch workings as well as London suburban services until this role was overtaken by electrification. When in 1912 the LSWR introduced push-pull services on some branch lines many of the class were fitted with a cable and pulley system of operation. However the Southern Railway subsequently adopted the LBSCR compressed air control system and thirty six of the class were converted to this between 1930 and 1937. Because of the extra space need to fit the compressor these conversions were confined to long framed members of the class, and a further four rather late conversions appeared between 1960 and 1962 as a result of frames being exchanged during overhaul.
30029 waits in the bay platform (Nº6) at Three Bridges with a Pull 'n' Push service for East Grinstead whilst a 4 Lav pauses in platform 3 with a stopping service from Victoria to Brighton.

photograph by Keith Harwood

30050 30050 is seen here at Chichester on 26th August 1955.

photograph by Trevor Tupper

30245 in BR(S) days on ECS duty at Clapham Junction hauling plum & spilt milk liveried stock. Circa 1955.

photograph by Mike Morant

30253 Back on ex-LSWR metals Nº30253 is seen here deep in Withered Arm territory at Braunton on 6th August 1960.

photograph by John Bradbeer

30379 and 30055 on shed at Three Bridges.

photograph by Keith Harwood

30053 30053 at Tunbridge Wells West, in 1963, being coaled after arrival with an Oxted push-pull.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Carrying Duty Nº55, Nº30055 waits for departure time in the bay platform at Three Bridges on 7th August 1963.

photograph by John Bradbeer


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