LBSCR K class 2-6-0

Designed as a Heavy Goods Locomotive, the class spent much of its early years working munitions trains to Newhaven. In order to accomodate them there a brand new, 60 foot, ball-bearing turntable was built at Brighton Works and installed at Newhaven in 1917.

Among other noted innovations in 1921 Nº351 was fitted with a Lewis draught regulator, which required the smokebox being extended, and, for a time, a ship-like plain oval chimney. Also in 1921 Nº340 was fitted with a Worthington feedwater heater and pump (which the Southern Railway removed in 1926). Nº347 differed from her sisters in that she was fitted with 'pop' safety valves.

In Southern Railway days Nº2342 was fitted with electric lamps, the first coal-fired locomotive apart from the Bulleid Pacifics to be so equipped. The generator was fitted to the right hand cab front behind the Westinghouse pump. This equipment was subsequently removed by British Railways in 1951.

2342 Nº2342 again, photographed at Bognor loco shed on 27th May 1950 and yet to receive her BR number plate and branding. The electric lamps referred to above may be plainly seen.

photograph by Les Darbyshire

A shiny Nº 32342, also seen on the previous page and above, in an unusual situation. Photographed at Tattenham Corner, the engine appears to be buffered up to a 4 Sub EMU.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

32345 The same loco as at the top of the previous page in BR guise, minus coupling rods, many years later (presumably after withdrawal in December 1962): Nº32345 in Three Bridges Yard.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Also minus coupling rods, 32343 was seen at Willesden on 12 April 1964, some 16 months after being withdrawn.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

32338 32338 heads the scrap line at the side of Hove station in May 1963. She is in quite presentable condition considering she had been there for some months and is even complete with coupling rods. The Schools class locos behind are believed to have been 30911 and 30923. There were quite a few there at that time, plus other Ks, E4s and at least one U1.

photograph by Mike Morant

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