LBSCR K class 2-6-0

LB Billinton's very handsome "K" Class mogul was one of the most successful LBSC designs ever produced. These locos, though following "Brighton" tradition in styling, were quite innovative for the LBSC, firstly with the wheel arrangement (they were the first 2-6-0s seen on Brighton metals), with the Belpaire firebox (the first time one was fitted to a Brighton locomotive), and then the last two engines were the first Brighton locomotives to be fitted with a top feed.
Built to eliminate double-heading of C2X class 0-6-0s they had to have good acceleration for working heavy goods trains in the London area, thereby minimising delays to the suburban services. Nos 337 and 338 were built in 1913, 339-341 in 1914 and 342-346 in 1916. Following the success of the top feed arrangement on Nos 345 and 346, this was fitted to the earlier locomotives as and when they were required to go through the workshops. More were required but wartime restrictions led to a clamp down on further building so it wasn't until Government control was withdrawn in 1919 that more could be built. Ordered that same year, Nos 347-350 appeared in 1920, followed by the last of the class, Nos 351-353 in 1921. At one time a 2-6-2 tank version, at first designated Class F*, then later Class K2, was proposed, but the final batch of tender locos was built instead**.
As with the C2X class some of the locomotives were fited with a second dome housing the top feed. This raised the clacks and allowed a deeper distributing tray which prevented suspended matter in the water from entering the boiler.
  * One source suggests the tanks were to be Class M.
** One source suggests this happened in 1916 and that it was the Government who requested that tender engines be built.
Nº B345, one of the 1916 batch of locos, in charge of the 6:8 p.m. London Bridge - Brighton train passing Honor Oak Park in early SR days.

photograph: David Lord collection

Nº2337 in lined Southern green livery, on shed.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

2342 A shiny Nº 2342 on shed during Southern Railway days prior to the fitting of electric lamps.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

Nº32349 in early British Railways livery.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

32349 Another view of Nº32349 working a goods train, date and location not known.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

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