Bulleid WC/BB 'West Country' and
'Battle of Britain' class 4-6-2

On this page are illustrated some of the nameplates that were affixed to the light pacifics. Note that they were not quite centrally located between the filler doors, and that the offset varied from locomotive to locomotive.
Bideford nameplate


The only difference between the two classes!.

Note the doors for the sand fillers are open - as usual - and the damaged casing on Biggin Hill.

photograph by Mike Morant

Biggin Hill nameplate


One of the big features of the modifying was the loss of the air smoothed casing and the traditional mounting for the locomotive name and class plates. These were re-sited just above the centre driving wheel and included, where one had been provided, the plaque above the nameplate. This photograph of 34032 Camelford's name shows how they were mounted, with the class name beneath. The added balance weight on the B-F-B wheel is very obvious! Camelford nameplate


34032 was one of two West Countries that the good burghers of Camelford could claim as their own - 34025 Whimple was originally 21C125 Rough Tor, (pronounced as in bough of a tree), a large rocky hill above the town and scene of a grisley murder in 1844. The locomotive only carried this name from 11th to 23rd April 1948. She was then named Whimple on 3rd May 1948 and renumbered to 34025 on 2nd October 1948.

photograph by Alan Robinson

Yeovil nameplate


Winston Churchill nameplate


photographs: Mike Morant collection

Croydon nameplate


photograph: Mike Morant collection

Wadebridge nameplate


photograph by Andy Pepper

Only 34006 Bude of the "Cornish" locomotives had an individual crest, the remainder carried a generic one based on the Cornish coat of arms. 34007 Wadebridge was so embellished despite an attractive proposal for a shield depicting the old bridge at Wadebridge.

Crewkerne nameplate


Sir Eustace Missenden nameplate


photographs: Mike Morant collection

Sir Archibald Sinclair nameplate


73 Squadron nameplate


photographs: Mike Morant collection

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