Bulleid WC/BB 'West Country' and
'Battle of Britain' class 4-6-2

A grubby-looking Nº34023 Blackmore Vale at Waterloo on 10th October 1965. Note that unlike in her present, preserved, condition she does not have a shield.

photograph by Ray Soper

34023 A far cleaner Blackmore Vale, this time photographed at Nine Elms, also in 1965.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Nº34038 once again, this time on shed at Nine Elms.

photograph by Ray Soper

34019 Still at Nine Elms original Bulleid Pacific Nº34019 Bideford is seen here receiving attention on 30th January 1966. Bideford was to give several more months of service, including a couple of Steam Specials later in 1966.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Blackmore Vale again! This time bringing the LCGB's "Dorset and Hants" Railtour past Northam Junction signalbox on 16th October 1966. The locomotive had worked double-headed with sister engine Nº34019 Bideford from Waterloo via Guildford to Fareham, where Nº34019 was detached. Nº34023 continued to Broadstone where it was relieved by two standard class 2-6-0s. From Broadstone the train toured the (then) freight only lines to Blandford Forum and Ringwood. It then returned through Broadstone to Hamworthy Junction, where Nº34019 and Nº34023 rejoined it for the return journey to Waterloo.

photograph by Keith Harwood

34006 Making several appearances on the SEmG pages, Nº34006 Bude is seen here at Waterloo on 1st November 1966.

photograph: Mike Morant collection

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