Adams 46 Class and 0415 Class 4-4-2T

As mentioned earlier, No 0488 had been sold to the government in 1917, but had then been sold to Colonel Stephens, between 1919 and 1921, for use on the East Kent Railway, for a mere 800 pounds. In 1946, the Southern Railway desperately needed a third 'Radial' tank for its Lyme Regis branch and found 0488 derelict, but intact, on the EKR. So, forty years on, it returned to Eastleigh Works, and received its updated old number back, now 3488. So 3125, 3488 and 3520 went into BR stock in 1948, to become 30582/3/4.
488 Nº488 at Horsted Keynes during the early days of the Bluebell Railway.

photograph by Keith Harwood

However, it seemed even 'Radial' tanks couldn't last forever, and by 1958 all three were in bad shape. Ex-GWR 0-4-2 tanks were tried on the line, but to no avail. By 1961, the end really had come, as Ivatt 2-6-2 tanks were permitted for use on the line after some track modifications, and old nos. 125 and 520 were scrapped. Fate stepped in once again and the once-derelict 488 was purchased by the Bluebell Railway.
Nº488 in the original engine shed at Sheffield Park on the Bluebell Railway.

photograph by Ray Soper>

On the Bluebell, Nº488 has remained a strong favourite and has appeared over the years variously as 488 in both Drummond and Urie LSWR liveries, as Nº3488 in Southern Railway livery and as Nº30583 in British Railways Lined Black livery, and is still in constant use between overhauls.

Quite a remarkable career for a locomotive of some 125 years.

488 Nº488 at Horsted Keynes during July 1974.

photograph by Michael Taylor

During July 1976 Nº488 hauled a special for the Elizabethan Railway Society.  She is seen here approaching Sheffield Park bunker first.

photograph by Michael Taylor

0415 Nº488 at Sheffield Park during 1988.

Photograph by Richard Sheppard

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