Beattie 2-4-0WT

30199 & 30587 Nº30587 being passed by O2 class Nº30199 at Boscarne Junction on 7th September 1961.

photograph reproduced with kind permission of Joanes Publications

One of the two surviving well tanks, Nº30587, in the former Pullman Car Shop at Preston Park where, along with other steam locomotives and rolling stock in the National Collection, she was stored for a number of years. With a 2-Bil motor coach in the background for company, Nº30587 still carries her final BR livery.

photograph by Eric Beadle, courtesy of Glen Woods

3298 ...and as Nº3298, pictured when a cosmetically restored static display at Buckfastleigh on the South Devon Railway.

photograph by Jonathan Hall

Following restoration in 2003, Nº30587 was a proud participant at Railfest, celebrating the two hundredth anniversary of the first steam railway locomotive, in York during 2004.

photograph by Adam Warr

30587 Boiler backhead detail, photographed whilst at York. It is interesting to compare the interior of this vintage steam loco with much later locos. The technology mostly remains the same!

photograph by Colin Duff


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