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528 SR (LSWR) Adams A12 Class 0-4-2, Nº528, Nu-Cast Kit.
I acquired this as a poorly running, built and painted kit, hence the early Southern livery. I have just about managed to fit a small cam motor, gearbox and flywheel (it's a very tight squeeze!) to get it running smoothly again. 528
528 Again as the painting is so well done I haven't the heart yet to repaint it in a livery more appropriate for my usual modelling time frame.
SR (LSWR) Drummond 700 Class 0-6-0, Nº961, BEC Kit. 691
691 A superheated version (as apposed to the original version on page 3).
Since taking the photographs I have refitted the coal rails that I hadn't realise were missing from Nº352 until after taking these photographs! 691

All photographs are copyright Graham R 'Muz' Muspratt

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