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2084 SR (LBSC) Marsh I3 Class 4-4-2T, Nº2084, Wills kit.
Bought as a non working, part built kit in Umber livery with an original style Brighton roof and boiler fittings. 2084
2084 rebuilt it with replacement Wills castings to represent later condition with cut down cab and boiler fittings to comply with the Southern loading gauge.
SR (LBSC) Billington E4 Class 0-6-2T NºB559 Weald kit. 559
559 Bought part built and needed work to get running, additional pick ups fitted etc.
Unusually for me this is painted in lined olive green, but that's the livery it had been started in and I could not bring myself to strip it and paint it black. 559

All photographs are copyright Graham R 'Muz' Muspratt

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