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78531 WD Class 2-8-0 Nº78531, Bachmann
Modelled in condition as originally allocated to Bricklayers Arms shed in 1946. Westinghouse pump gear still fitted. Renumbered and no tender ownership lettering. 78531
Leader Leader Class 0-6-0 - 0-6-0, Golden Arrow kit

As reviewed in the model pages.

Bulleid Mainline Diesel Electric, 1-C0-C0-1, Silver Fox body kit on mainline chassis

As reviewed in the model pages.

E6003 Class 73 Bo-Bo NºE6003, modified Lima

A little out of my usual modelling period I know, but my Model Railway Club layout is set 1955 to 1965 and so it gets an occasional run on that. I have modelled it in the early malachite green livery applied to the original JA versions (and before anyone points it out I know that the Lima model is in fact a JB). Fitted with Ultrascale wheels.

Class 33 Bo-Bo NºD6512, modified Lima

Same excuse as the Class 73. Flush Glazed, repainted and fitted with Ultrascale wheels.


All photographs are copyright Graham R 'Muz' Muspratt

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