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1247 H Class 0-4-4 Nº1247 modified from Wrenn R1
Yes believe it or not this did start life as a Wrenn R1 0-6-0 and was my first real model 'bash' when I was 16. The chassis block was cut to lose an axle and turned through 180 degrees. Romford wheels and a Portescap motor fitted. A new trailing bogie fabricated. Front footplate shortened and rear bunker and running plate extended. All moulded handrails and pipes replaced. Push pull fitted (modellers licence used here as the H's were not fitted for push pull until 1950s). Runs with my Roxey ex SECR push pull set. 1247
1413 N Class 2-6-0 Nº1413 DJH Kit, 4000 gallon slope sided tender
The livery is technically incorrect as 1413 was not one of the two N class loco's painted in malachite green, those being 1817 with 3500 gallon tender and 1854 with slope sided 4000 gallon tender as modelled by Bachman. 1413
534 Q Class 0-6-0 Nº534, Wills Finecast kit
My first ever whitemetal kit built when I was 15. Fitted with Multiple jet blastpipe and wide chimney. Started life on a Triang chassis, then got a chassis from a Mainline Collett Goods and now resides on a Portescap powered Wills etched brass chassis. 534

All photographs are copyright Graham R 'Muz' Muspratt

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