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Dapol Q1 class 0-6-0 locomotive

Dapol Q1 The cab of the loco, with the drive from the tender-mounted motor apparent, but not obtrusive.

photograph by Adam Warr

A different angle showing the top of the locomotive.

photograph by Adam Warr

Dapol Q1

After following the lubrication instructions, I ran the Q1 on my nine-foot test track. The loco is very quiet indeed and controllable to a walking pace. The top speed seems fast, though I gather the prototypes could manage a good turn of speed if necessary!

As the loco feels light, I was interested to see what it could haul. I managed to get thirteen mixed Farish coaches behind the Q1, which it was able to start on a slight incline with some slippage. Having loco drive is a real bonus here, as this gives you the opportunity to really "drive" the machine.

Dapol Q1 Two views looking from the rear of the locomotive.

photographs by Adam Warr

Dapol Q1

The Q1 comes with a little bag of parts that includes stick-on headcode disks (though the lack of lamp-irons on the bufferbeam limits their use), buckeye couplings and dummy screw-links.


Some minor detail issues with the tender top have been pointed out and there have been some reports of poor running. I would always advise trying before buying if you can.


Overall, Dapol's Q1 is a very fine model indeed that deserves to sell very well. In fact, many traders at Kettering had sold out of their allocation by lunchtime on the Saturday, so if you are after a BR Liveried Q1, my advice will be to get one quick!

Southern liveried Q1s are due in the new year, though there is no word if any more BR versions will be made available.

The Q1 is the ideal accompaniment to Dapol's M7 and should herald renewed interest in modelling the Southern in N.

Now if Dapol or Bachmann are reading this, what we really need is a revamped Light Pacific and a T9 whilst we are about it, please!

4.5 out of 5

Review by Adam Warr
Feedback from Dapol, 24th September:
  1. The reason the coal load is loose was to aid those who wanted to fit a 'real' coal load.
  2. I note the number of coaches used for the test, however the 'standard' for our model was "50 Dogfish or 18 Gresleys". It will pull more but we ran out of test-track!
  3. Due to the astounding sales of the BR version, we are bringing forward the production of the Southern liveries to early 2008.

overview of the prototype

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