Nine Elms Steam Crane

The pictures on this page are of the self-propelled steam crane that was used at Nine Elms. The reason for it being on the turntable in one of our photographs was because there was no direct access to Nine Elms except over the turntable, so whenever anything needed to change tracks it meant using the turntable. If the turntable ever broke down it meant that the shed was completely blocked as there were no direct access tracks to the outside!
Crane "Parked" out of use for a while. The Nine Elms steam crane photographed on 19th March 1961.

photograph by Chris Knowles-Thomas

Using the turntable to change tracks. This picture, as well as the remaining photographs on this page, was taken on 21st February 1965.

photograph by Ray Soper

Crane Looking most precarious the crane moves along the track with steam escaping all round .....

photograph by Ray Soper

..... and heads off towards the loco sheds, almost hidden in the gloom of this dull February day.

photograph by Ray Soper


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