Brighton in the Attic

Schools class Nº936 Cranleigh, Terrier class Nº2635 and two West Country class locos outside the loco shed. Loco yard
C8 on goods Q1 class NºC8 with a goods train just leaving the viaduct.
A 6-Pul speeds through Burgess Hill whilst a stopping train is paused at the platform. 6 Pul
E670 M7 class NºE670 seen on the viaduct with a goods train.
Q1 class C8 in the platform at a busy Brighton station. C8
6 Pul 6-Pul negotiating the Brighton station throat.
"Woolworth" N class Nº31813 and Lord Nelson class Nº30851 Sir Francis Drake seen here at a very busy Brighton station. Clan Line
Brighton Overview of the approaches to Brighton station.

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