Model Layouts

Here are some links to pages of SEmG members' model railway layouts:
  1. Ashford & Basingstoke - Terry Heeley has a fine collection of 7mm models which run in the garden. In total, some twelve passenger sets, plus goods sets, all with their own engine.
  2. Brighton in the Attic - a OO gauge layout based on the Brighton to Victoria and Coastway lines (with plenty of EMUs) by Nigel Millar
  3. Fisherton Sarum - a OO gauge MPD layout based on Salisbury by Graham "Muz" Muspratt
  4. Middleton to Endsley - a OO gauge layout by Richard Sheppard of a fictitious location somewhere on the south coast of England - the layout being located in Australia
  5. Parkwood Manor - a former layout of the Carshalton and Sutton Model Railway Club described and photographed by David Smith
  6. Sheffield Park - an OO layout that was under construction in Canada, based on the Bluebell Railway's Sheffield Park station
  7. Southern Eclectic - Colin Duff recalls the painfully slow rate of construction of his OO/HO layout designed to be a realistic southern environment in which to display and operate his collection of Southern rolling stock
    Also his previous layout, Pinhaven, a fictitious LSWR-built ferry port on a river estuary somewhere in West Dorset or East Devon.
  8. Stane Street a layout module by Roger Stanford, which is part of a modular system called the Arun Valley Railway which was developed by the Wellington British Railway Modellers in New Zealand
  9. Stewarts Lane - a OO gauge layout by Ray Sofio based in North Queensland Australia depicting the environs of Victoria and South London
  10. Taunton North - a N gauge layout by Paul Rowntree of a fictitious Southern Branch deep in GWR territory
  11. The Wandle Valley Railway - a layout by Mike Watts that was based in the London suburbs but located in Canada.
    Now retired, here is a page of "Wandle Valley Reflections"
  12. Wildwood Model Railway Group Our exhibition layout is now, sadly retired as a result of insurmountable operational issues
  13. Lyme Regis Midland Road - an N gauge layout by Paul Rowntree of a fictitious Somerset and Dorset branch to Lyme Regis

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