Parkwood Manor

Text and pictures by David Smith.

Parkwood Manor is a former layout owned by Carshalton & Sutton Model Railway Club. Building started around 1973 and never really stopped. Although its general form stayed the same over the years, detail changes were always going on.

The layout formed a 'U' shape and had a terminus-to-fiddleyard format. The 'floor area' taken up by the layout was eventually 49ft x 23ft. There were three stations. Park Gate, the terminus, Manor Park and Woodcote before the line went into the fiddleyard through a tunnel.

The line was most definitely 'Southern' with 3rd rail throughout. During the layout's lifetime, the terminus and Woodcote both changed considerably but Manor Park remained basically the same. An old viaduct disappeared to be replaced by an embankment. This appears in many of the photos as it was easily erected in my back garden for photography.

This was very much a 'members' layout and as the membership and their interests changed, so did the layout. Eventually it was changed to a BR layout based in the Midlands and the 3rd rail disappeared.

Most of it is now sold but the large terminus is still awaiting disposal.

LN Southern 862 at the buffer stops of the original style terminus, Park Gate. Lord Nelson
5 Bel A 5 Bel EMU  (a Triang conversion) crossing the original viaduct.
Bulleid 'Tin' Hal 5694 on the 'embankment' approaching Woodcote. Bulleid Hal
S15 Southern S15 E834 passing through the later Woodcote on the centre road.
4 Cep 7177 at Manor Park waiting to run to the sidings after a short working. 4 Cep
ds_lay3.jpg (28408 bytes) Bulleid/Raworth 20001 at the original Woodcote Station.
4 Cep 7177 passes BR blue 2 Hap on the embankment. 4 Cep
33/0 and 33/1 33/0 plus 33/1 at the original Woodcote station at night.

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