Running In Boards

At one end of the station Grange Road's was the same style as that at Forest Row, though the deterioration of the sign with two rust marks and subsequent rain-staining highlights one of the problems that the enamel signs suffered.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Grange Road RIB
Grange Road RIB At the other end of Grange Road station was a totally different board. A large Southern Railway wooden back-board with the far smaller BR(S) enamelled nameplate attached.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Groombridge had the same style board as seen at Forest Row and the first Grange Road, but what a difference a little sunshine makes to it!

photograph by Keith Harwood

Groombridge RIB
Hartfield RIB A very similar style at Hartfield, this time with some moulding around the enamel nameplate. In this view it is clear to see how the sign was actually made of two parts.

photograph by Keith Harwood

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