Class 485 & 486

The Isle of Wight Railways were electrified at the end of steam workings in 1967. Ex-London Transport tube stock was purchased and refurbished into 3 & 4 car units. The 4 car units of class 485 (4 Vec) were numbered 041-046 and were composed of a Motor Open Brake Second, 2 Trailer Open Seconds and another Motor Open Brake Second. The 3 car units of class 486 (3 Tis) were numbered 031-035 and were composed of a Motor Open Brake Second, a Trailer Open Second and a Driving Trailer Open Second. When a unit of each class was coupled together they formed a 7 Vectis, which was the Roman name of the Isle of Wight.
3-Tis units 035 & 039 at Ryde. Notice the station canopy support cantilevered from the left.

photograph by Ray Soper.

042 Electrification of the Isle of Wight line from Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin included the double track section between Brading and Sandown. Here a 7 VecTis train led by 4 Vec 042 heads south on this section towards Sandown in the first year of electrification. This double track section has since been singled.

photograph by Keith Harwood.

At the same location but heading away from the camera towards Brading is a 7 VecTis unit with 3 Tis unit 032 trailing.

photograph by Keith Harwood.

486 A 7 VecTis in Rail Blue at Ryde, Pier Head.

photograph by Keith Harwood

The same train, this time photographed at Brading.

photograph by Keith Harwood

The individual cars in these sets were built for LT between 1923 and 1935 and in 1985 the units were reformed into five 5 car and two 2 car units. These first Island electrics suffered from corrosion due to the proximity the sea. In 1989 they were withdrawn and replaced by newer 1938 era LT stock of class 483 which had all been given effective modern corrosion prevention coatings to protect the steel.
486 Class 486 unit numbers 031 & 032 wait at Ryde Pier in June 1973. The masts of the Sealink steamer can be seen above the station.

photograph by Michael Taylor.

3-Tis unit 032 heading south from Brading towards Sandown.

photograph by Keith Harwood.

486 A 7 VecTis headed by class 485 Nº 045 on a short working from Ryde, Pier Head to Esplanade, early one evening in July 1988.

photograph by Mark Westcott

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