Class 456

456011 456011 was on a Victoria via Peckham Rye service when photographed at Peckham Rye on 22nd September 2000.

photograph by Michael Taylor

465002 was taken at East Croydon in Network SouthEast days and has NSE flashes on the end.

photograph by John Lewis

456007 456007 photographed at Clapham Junction in June 1994, presumably on a Kensington service it is standing at Platform 2.

photograph by John Lewis

456013 photographed at Clapham Junction during October 1993.

photograph by John Lewis

456005 The interior of 456024 at Victoria on 30th October 1996. This unit was in Connex SouthCentral livery.

photograph by John Lewis

This is the South London Metro route diagram, used internally. The numbers at each station indicate the number of trains per hour serving that station.

photograph by John Lewis

South London Metro Map
456 An unidentified class 456 unit working towards Clapham junction on the 19th April 2005.

photograph by Colin Duff

Class 456 units are looking quite dowdy these days and on March 18th first unit for refurbishment 456006 left the Southern for attention at Wolverton. Here 456011 pauses at Clapham Junction on 19th April 2005 with a working into Victoria via Crystal Palace. Note one jumper receptacle cover is missing.

photograph by Colin Duff


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