Class 455

1982 saw the introduction of new suburban units for the Southern and these new 4 car units quickly replaced the remaining 4 Sub and 4 EPB units and allowed the on-loan class 508 to be moved to Merseyside.>
455872 455/8. Unit number 5872 was one of the earlier 455s to be painted into Network SouthEast colours. It is seen here in the original NSE livery of a lighter blue and angular upsweep with the BR Double-Arrow on 23rd August 1986 working a special into Cannon Street.
By 2000 this unit was allocated to SouthWest Trains.

photograph by Colin Duff

There are 3 subclasses being 455/7 introduced in 1984, 455/8 introduced in 1983 & 455/9 introduced in 1985.
Units are numbered:
class 455/7:-   5701-5743,
class 455/8:-   5801-5874
class 455/9:-   5901-5920
455/8 unit 5809 on a London Bridge to Caterham via Forest Hill Service on 8th June 1999, seen at East Croydon. This view illustrates the old driving end cab design.

photograph by Michael Taylor

They are all formed of Driving Trailer Second Open-Motor Second Open-Trailer Second Open-Driving Trailer Second Open.
455901 455/9 unit 5901 at Surbiton on 8th June 1999. This view illustrates the later driving end cab design.

photograph by Michael Taylor

455/7 unit 5714 formed the 10:49 service from Dorking to Waterloo on 8th June 1999, seen at Dorking.

photograph by Michael Taylor

455/7 were built as 3 car units and use TSOs that were used with class 508 and thus have a much different roof profile.
455721 In this picture of 5721 taken at Clapham Junction on 8th April 2000, the different roof line and windows of the former 508 trailers formed into the 455/7 sub class can clearly be seen.

photograph by Colin Duff

455/8. A clean 5815 in Connex colours seen at Ewell East on 8th April 2000.

photograph by Colin Duff

As at January 2000, Southwest Trains operated all of the class 455/7 & 455/9 and 28 units of 455/8. Connex SC operated 46 units of 455/8 numbered 5801-5846.
455 From time to time EMUs on the South Central have appeared in a pale grey colour without any company liveries, originally because of problems with the first style of stick-on yellow stripes and later where they were been required for traffic before a re-paint was complete. Here is class 455/8 unit 5832 emerging from the darkness of London Bridge in January 2002.

photograph by John Lewis.

The roof and cab top detail on South Central's 5846 at Clapham Junction on 4th October 2002.

photograph by Colin Duff


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