2 Hap/2 Sap - Class 414

Essentially modern BR standard design Hals, the 2 Hap units, first introduced on the South Eastern Division in 1957/8, consisted of a motor coach to the BR EPB design coupled to a driving trailer composite. They were designed for main line services so unlike the EPBs had express gear ratios. Haps were introduced on all three Southern Region divisions.

photograph by David Smith

2 Hap Nº6050 seen at Clapham Junction on 11th April 1976, working a Waterloo to Windsor service.

There were a total of three sub-classes, as below:
Class 414/1
1951 Type Stock, SR Rebuilds on 2 Nol underframes, 5601 to 5636, motor coach numbers 14521 to 14556 (dia. 2130, schedule CP-1A), driving trailer numbers 16001 to 16036 (dia. 441, schedule DW).
Class 414/2
1951 Type Stock, BR Standard underframes, 6001 to 6105, motor coach numbers 65393 to 65434 (dia. 400, schedule CQ-3A), driving trailer numbers 77115 to 77156 (dia. 441, schedule DX).
Class 414/3
1957 Type Stock, BR Standard underframes, 6043 to 6105, motor coach numbers 61241 to 61303 (dia. 400, schedule CR), driving trailer numbers 75361 to 75423 (dia. 441, schedule DZ).
1957 Type Stock, BR Standard underframes, 6106 to 6146, motor coach numbers 61648 to 61688 (dia. 400, schedule CU), driving trailer numbers 75700 to 75740 (dia. 441, schedule DAD).
1957 Type Stock, BR Standard underframes, 6147 to 6173, motor coach nos 61962 to 61988 (dia. 400, schedule CU-1A), driving trailer numbers 75995 to 76021 (dia. 441, schedule DAD-1A).
Diagram related to the internal layout of vehicles and schedule to the mechanical and electrical specification.

5624 had an SR-type 4-EPB open motor coach. The original motor coach (14544) was replaced sometime between May 1968 and May 1969 with a diagram 2129 vehicle (from a 1951 Type EPB). Later still it was reformed again with motor coach 65409 (dia. 400, schedule CQ-3A) that was originally in unit 6017.

5604 5604, the first of two 1951 type Haps on the 7:05pm from Brighton approaches Hove on 5th April 1976.

photograph by Glen Woods

N.B. The terms '1951 Type' and '1957 Type' do not refer to building dates but to the style of electrical equipment used. The first Hap to be built was 6001 which was completed at Eastleigh in June 1957 with the first of the SR Rebuilds completed around February 1958 (reported in March 1958 Railway Observer).

In 1974 forty units were downgraded to second/standard class only followed in 1977 by a further eleven units. These were reclassified as 2 Sap. They were all restored to Hap status by 1980.

In reverse chronological order, 5624 on the rear of a West Worthing to Brighton train departs from Hove. This is the train seen in the distance in the above picture of 5604, 5 April 1976.

photograph by Glen Woods


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