2 Bil

2053 A pair of 2 Bils, with unit Nº2053 at the rear, pulling out of Fratton station during 1967.

photograph by Terry Bye

S10674S was the Motor Coach of 2-Bil unit Nº2108 (its Driving Trailer was S12141S). 2108 is coupled to 2 Hal Nº2666 at a snowy Ascot station.

photograph by Chris Ralls

2098 Nº2134 running into Wokingham station on 5th February 1967.

photograph by Keith Harwood

Nº2090 enters Ardingly with a Seaford to Horsted Keynes service. Note the absence of a headcode.

photograph by Keith Harwood

2090 Nº2090, now on its return journey, pulls away from Ardingly with a train from Horsted Keynes to Seaford.

photograph by Keith Harwood

An unidentified 2 Bil at Wimbledon working route 53.

photograph by Chris Ralls, courtesy of Mike Morant

2 Bil

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