Class 92

Built between 1993 and 1996 by Brush Traction at Loughborough the Co-Co class 92 is a dual voltage electric locomotive. Designed primarily as a freight locomotive to deliver goods trains to the Channel Tunnel it can run on 25kV ac overhead and 750V dc third rail. These powerful locomotives are capable of 6760hp whilst working on 25kV ac or 5360hp whilst working on 750v dc. Maximum speed is 87.5 mph.

The majority of the class are named after European composers and writers. Ownership is split between EWS, European Passenger Services (Eurostar) and SNCF. Rumour has it that EWS, betraying its American ownership, would prefer diesel-electric traction to give system wide availability without having to change locomotive. We Southern fans would prefer to suggest a new high powered electro-diesel - a super 73+!

During 2000 Eurostar (UK) offered their seven members of the class (92020 / 021 / 032 / 040 / 044-046) for sale being surplus to requirements with the non commencement of sleeper services through the Channel Tunnel. However no buyer could be found so they have now been decommissioned and stored at Crewe International electric depot. It is unlikely they will see any further work in Europe - having previously worked in the pool with EWS and SNCF owned locomotives - since their electrical systems are complex and they no longer meet European safety standards.

EPS owned 92044 Couperin working south through Kensington Olympia on 11th March 1998.

photograph by David Overall

92033 92033 Berlioz (a SNCF owned locomotive) at Kensington Olympia running light-engine on third rail power at 1:50pm on 8th June 1999 towards Southern territory.

photograph by Michael Taylor.

EWS owned 92035 "Mendelssohn" on display at Old Oak Common on 6th August 2000.

photograph by Colin Duff

92024 EWS owned 92024 J.S. Bach running light engine through Ashford International station towards Dollands Moor on 21st September 2000.

photograph by Michael Taylor

Pictured here in 1999 EPS owned 92021 Purcell is being dragged through Watford Junction by a class 90.

photograph by Michael Taylor

92008 92008 Jules Verne bearing a painted name with BR arrows, Tunnel Logo and Crewe International Logo (at far end). Pictured at Kensington Olympia, June 1996.

photograph by John Lewis

92009 Elgar bearing a cast nameplate, BR arrows, Tunnel Logo, Railfreight Distribution name and logo and Crewe International Logo (at far end). Also Kensington Olympia, June 1996.

photograph by John Lewis.

92023 92023 Ravel. Cast nameplate, SNCF logo, Tunnel rings, Crewe International depot sign. Willesden Junction, March 1998.

photograph by John Lewis

92038 Voltaire with painted name, Tunnel Logo and Crewe International Logo (at far end) at Kensington Olympia, June 1996. This is an SNCF owned loco and at the time had no indication of the owning railway.

photograph by John Lewis

92043 92043 Debussy is owned by SNCF. This photo shows the SNCF logo, the name and the channel tunnel "rings". Clapham Junction, November 1996.

photograph by John Lewis

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