Diesel Brake Tenders

When diesel locomotive haulage of unfitted goods trains was first introduced, it was considered that the locomotives would have insufficient brake power to control their trains, so some special "diesel brake tenders" were introduced. These were heavy wagons (35½ - 37½ tons) fitted with automatic vacuum brakes. On some Regions they were usually pushed by the loco, but on the the SR it was normal practice to pull them.
Brake Tender Brush Type 4 NºD1720 is seen here hauling a cross-London freight, probably from the Western Region through Clapham Junction in the direction of Norwood Junction or Hither Green.

photograph by John Lewis

This is 35½ ton diesel brake tender B964012 shown on BR Diagram 1/556 and built by the Central Wagon Co on Lot 3443.

photograph by John Lewis

Brake Tender
Brake Tender This is B 964108 which was built at Stratford on Lot 3449 and illustrated by diagram 1/558. It weighed 37½ tons.

photograph by John Lewis

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