Class 50

50018 Carrying the later version of Network SouthEast livery 50018 Resolution is seen here at Waterloo.

photograph by Jonathan Hall

50018 resting at the buffer stops at Waterloo.

photograph by Jonathan Hall

Of little relevance to Southern workings but brief mention should be made of the bold experiment in 1987 of modifying 50049 Defiance to a dedicated freight locomotive. Railfreight had previously rejected the class on account of the its low tractive effort, high maintenance costs and poor reliability and these trials were an attempt to convince the Sector otherwise. Perhaps the choice of this particularly named loco was deliberate! In this modification Defiance gained re-geared bogies, was renumbered 50149 and repainted into Railfreight livery. The experiment was not a success due in part to the removal of the wheelslip protection and sanding gear needed for heavy freight work during the refurbishment! 500149 was converted back to a standard 50 early in 1989 and finished its days working for NSE.
50022 50022 Anson at the head of a train at Exeter St Davids during April 1982. The photographer admits that this is unlikely to have been a Waterloo-Exeter working!

photograph by Colin Duff

The "large logo" livery suited the boxy shape of the class well. Preserved and  main line certified 50031 Hood was displayed at Old Oak Common on 6th August 2000.

photograph by Colin Duff

50035 Illustrating the upswept stripes of the original NSE livery 50035 Ark Royal is seen here at Waterloo on 22nd November 1986.

photograph by Colin Duff

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