Class 33

D6593 (33208) is seen again, this time working a Mid Hants service into Ropley on 29th May 2000.

photograph by Colin Duff

33012 Not quite restored to its as first introduced condition - the high intensity headlight and the nameplate applied in preservation are two give aways - D6515 (33012) is based on the Swanage Railway and is seen here in Swanage station on 16th September 2000.

photograph by Colin Duff

Class 33 diesel Nº33063 on Santa Special duty on the former East Kent Light Railway in 2002. The coaching stock is their preserved 2 EPB Nº 5759 but on this occasion has motive power at both ends, steam at one end and Diesel at the other.

photograph by Tony Wiggins

33063 and 33065 Both of the EKLR's Class 33 diesels lined up at Shepherdswell on 15th December 2002. Nearest the camera is 33063 whilst alongside it is 33065.

photograph by Tony Wiggins

Crompton (D)6566 (33048) now operates far from home territory on the West Somerset Railway. 6566 is seen here stabled at Minehead on 29th March 2003.

photograph by Colin Duff

Crompton 33063, one of the Cromptons on the East Kent Railway, hauling their EPB into Shepherdswell on 16th March 2003.

photograph by Paul Ferbrache

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