Non Passenger Coaching Stock

TPO This van did not regularly appear on this train. It is a Sorting Van in the then new Post Office livery, c.1992.

photograph by John Lewis

In Southern Railway days they were simply known as Utility Vans. This is a restored example photographed in 1996 at Ruddington on the Great Central Railway (Nottingham).

photograph by Mike Morant

Some of the BR standard 8-wheel General Utility Vans (GUVs) were fitted with wiring for electrical heating, so they could be marshalled between a locomotive providing power for this purpose and passenger coaches. In the 1970s this was indicated on the van concerned.
86724 This example is S86724 and is in blue livery and coded GUV (EW.EH) with the code and number high on the body side. It was built in 1959 by Pressed Steel. Clapham Junction 1972.

photograph by John Lewis

This GUV is coded GUV EW. The electric cables can be seen between it and the adjacent vehicles, below the buffers.

photograph by John Lewis

86755 Bogie S86755, in the foreground is in blue livery and is coded GUV mod(EW). The code, tare and running number are below the table of dimensions. Clapham Junction June 1972. Behind it is Buffet/Restaurant car S1763 coupled to a Mk2 1st class coach.

photograph by John Lewis

The 4-wheel version of the GUV was the Covered Carriage Truck, or CCT.

S94140 was one CCT allocated to the Southern Region and is seen here at Clapham Junction in June 1972. It had been fitted with internal securing chains so it could be used for the carriage of BRUTE parcels trolleys and it is allocated to a "BRUTE Circuit" as indicated by a circular yellow plate on the bottom right-hand end of the body side.


photograph by John Lewis

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