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LSWR Tri-Composite Brake 6474 is part of the National Collection on display
at the National Railway Museum in York

The carriage is a 56ft x 8ft 6¾ins Brake Tri-Composite that was built by the LSWR in 1903 to drawing 1190, later sketched as SR diagram 407. Its original number was 847, renumbered in the 1912 scheme to 3598, then renumbered to SR 6474.

There were 10 of these and the design was unique on the LSWR in that it was the only type of non-corridor carriage built to the same width as the corridor stock that was first introduced on the LSWR at the same authorisation committee meeting. All other non-corridor carriages were 6 inches narrower (except the small group of short "emigrant" carriages only 3 inches narrower).

Originally it had normal LSWR guards duckets with the large windows extending into the ducket, but this brought the overall width out to 9ft 3ins, which became a loading gauge embarrassment in SR days, so the duckets were cut out, plain straight corner pillars were put in and small steel SR type lookouts were fitted. The end windows remained at reduced width.

This coach was restored by Eastleigh works for the Waterloo Centenary Exhibition and the result is a compromise. The straight corner pillars were not replaced by pillars with the correct ogee profile and the replacement ducket was merely added a short way in from the end, the resulting end window arrangement therefore being incorrect. Also the coach is displayed with its SR number but in LSWR livery, the rendition of which is thought by LSWR experts to be inaccurate - the pink being too dark and the brown too light with both being a shade too red.

These photographs were taken on February 19 2000. The lighting levels and even-ness of light for photography in the NRM are not good, particularly in the Station Hall building in which this coach is exhibited, however it is hoped that these photographs give a reasonable impression. In the photograph above the inaccurately restored ducket can just be seen on the left and the incorrect SR number is apparent in both photographs.

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