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Full Brake

photograph by John Lewis

MkI Full brake 99554 was part of the VSOE "Ocean Liner Express" set of coaches. Originally numbered BG 80861 and built in 1956 on Lot 30162 by Pressed Steel, here it has been given B4 bogies and is painted in Southern Region green livery. Photograph taken at Clapham Junction.

1818 The Southern Region operated a number of RMB (Restaurant Miniature Buffet) cars which were very useful on the shorter routes where a Restaurant Car couldn't be considered. This is S1818 as running on the Bluebell Railway.

photograph by Glen Woods

The roof detail of RMB S1818.

photograph by Glen Woods

MkI Set 542 On the left Mark I set 542, (see below) hauled by bunker first 80138, passes Groombridge Junction en route from Tunbridge Wells West to Eastbourne.

photographs by Keith Harwood

MkI Set 542
This set was composed of:
BSK 34936
CK 15872
BSK 34937

This was amongst the few sets that remained on the Kent Coast after Phase 1 of the electrification scheme. It was transferred to the 'Oxted Lines' at the end of the summer service in 1962 (September/October) and remained on these services until October 1963 when it was reformed as:

SO 4037
BSK 34936
CK 15872
It was then allocated to Tonbridge - Reading services. Therefore the photograph was clearly taken between these two dates, say circa March 1963 (as there is no yellow stripe on the first class). It is not possible to say which way round the set is as the CKs were not marshalled consistently - sometimes the first class was adjacent to the lower numbered BSK and sometimes to the higher one.
On the right mixed Mark I and Bulleid set Nº904 (see below) at Oxted.

photograph by Keith Harwood

MkI Set 904
The formation of set 904 was (from the end viewed):
Mk 1 BS (non-corridor) 43383
BR built Bulleid CK 5891
BR built Bulleid CK 5890
Mk 1 C (non-corridor) 41064
Mk 1 S (non-corridor) 46298
Mk 1 S (non-corridor) 46297
Mk 1 BS (non-corridor) 43382

It was originally formed as a 6-set for the South Eastern section but was transferred to the Central section upon completion of Phase 1 of the Kent Coast electrification (when the two 1949-built Bulleid CKs replaced the ex SR rebuilt C, 4727). The three non-corridors 43383, 41064 and 43382 were originally intended as a 5th Exmouth set (156) but were diverted to the South Eastern.
The two Bulleids ran as loose vehicles until they were formed into this set, most probably about the time S4727S was condemned (4 October 1958). Around June 1964 they were removed (5890 going to set 878 and 5891 to set 801) and replaced by Mark I CKs S16202 & S16203. This identifies the photograph as being taken between October 1958 and June 1964, but, as the end non-corridor appears to be in green, (they were supplied in crimson) the date would appear to be circa 1961.
The set was booked to work, whilst on the Central, regular commuter services :

07:03 a.m. Tunbridge Wells West to London Bridge and 05. 20 p.m. London Bridge to Tunbridge Wells West.

S13006 First Class Corridor S13006 (built in 1951 at Swindon) repainted in the then new 'Blue & Grey' livery at Clapham Junction on 15 November 1966.

photograph by Ray Soper

Open First S3501 was allocated to Boat Train Set 2 and is seen here at Clapham Junction on 15 November 1966 carrying "United States Line" carriage boards.

photograph by Ray Soper

S3501 was one of a batch of vehicles (S3500 - S3514) that were unique on BR in that they were the only Boat Seconds to be built by BR. They were introduced in 1953 for boat trains, where three classes were still in operation (third class was still in existence and lasted to June 1956). Upon the abolition of third class all the former TOs were reclassified as SOs. However, these vehicles were not freely interchangeable with the bulk of the SOs as they only had 48 seats as opposed to the 64 on what was now the standard SO. The Southern therefore decided to upgrade them to first class vehicles and this took place in 1959. Some were branded 'Restaurant Cars' but there were only 42 seats for dining as the bay with the outside doors, towards the centre of the vehicle, meant it was unsuitable for this purpose.
Text and set details from Glen Woods
1818 The side-mounted destination boards used on BR Mkl stock, seen here on RMB 1818 on 3 July 2003. Compare this with the high-mounted roof board of the Bulleid coaches.

photograph by Peter Richards

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