Miscellaneous Southern Artefacts

A product of the LSWR/SR's concrete works at Exmouth Junction these prefabricated huts produced for lineside use were a common feature not only throughout the Southern's territory but later under British Railways elsewhere in the country. They were designed to fit within the loading gauge - chimney excepted - when conveyed on top of a flat wagon.
SR platelayers' hut at Alton looking south west The top two pictures are views of each end of the SR concrete platelayers' hut in Alton Mid Hants Railway station. Apart from the anti-vandal window bars this hut is largely in its original condition. Note the chimney, which is very distinctive. The bottom picture is that of a SR hut on the Seaton branch - this has been slightly altered for its current use by the Seaton tramway and does not display its original chimney.

photographs Alton May 2000 and Seaton July 2000 by Colin Duff

 SR platelayers' hut at Alton looking south east
picture taken whilst in motion on the Seaton tramway

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